Customized LED lighting

Here are some samples of customized LED lighting for our Customers:














A&R Miniatures built this Real Good Toys Painted Lady doll house for Cathy M and then added lighting effects, lightning and thunder, and other sound effects to make it a Haunted Doll House. Click here ( ) to see and hear the special effects.


Warm white LEDs enhance the Vanity Wardrobe.

LED lighting that is powered by 12 Volt doll house power or CR2032 Battery (located in the drawer).

A&R Miniatures custom built warm white LEDs to insert into the existing Vanity Wardrobe by FERD SOBOL EDITIONS.  The original had incandescent lights and the LEDs provide the same glow as the incandescent lights while lasting significantly longer.  The LED lights can be powered by 12 volt dollhouse power or a CR2032 battery concealed inside the drawer. For more on the Vanity Wardrobe or other products by Ferd Sobol please go to The Ferd Sobol Editions.


The Witch's Caldron.

The Witch’s Caldron.

A&R Miniatures added flickering flames all around the base of the Caldron.  The flames independently flicker.











This is a special version for a Stanley and Dr. Livingston Theme.  Is has the bubbling caldron sounds with other jungle sounds in the background.